Winter's Journey

Winter’s Journey: Surviving the Cold Apocalypse

The freezing winter has arrived and you need to lead your Fortress to keep surviving in this apocalyptic world.

  1. Complete specific missions and receive amazing rewards during the event to make this winter adventure exciting.
  2. Don’t worry if you miss some missions because they reset regularly during the event. You can keep completing missions and getting rewards.

This winter-themed event will last for ten days in Season 0. The missions reset every day, and each mission you complete will reward you with an Icy Supply Pack. Inside this pack, you’ll find a random reward which could be either 20 Diamonds, 30 Combat Hero Recruiting Points, or 1 Elite Hero Medal.


  • Gather 200 Stone
  • Collect 200 Iron
  • Assist your allies 100 times
  • Join forces to defeat Mutated Zombies 2 times
  • Take down 15 regular Zombies
  • Gather 50 Z Coins

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Bundle up and embark on your Winter’s Journey!

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