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Top 10 Base Designs for Ultimate Defense

A well-designed base can mean the difference between survival and defeat. Your base serves as your sanctuary, your stronghold, and your lifeline in the post-apocalyptic landscape. In this blog, we’ll explore the top 10 base designs to ensure ultimate defense and security.

Base Designs for Ultimate Defense in Last Fortress: Underground


1. The Wall of Protection:

A classic base design, the “Wall of Protection” features a strong outer perimeter of walls. This design makes it difficult for attackers to breach your defenses and gain access to your resources.

2. The Labyrinth:

In this design, your base is a maze of walls and structures which makes it challenging for enemies to navigate. The Labyrinth can buy you time to defend your base or stage counterattacks.

3. The Moat Fortress:

Embrace the classic medieval strategy with a “Moat Fortress.” Dig a trench around your base and fill it with water or obstacles. This can deter attackers and give your ranged defenders a clear advantage.

4. The Elevated Outpost:

Build an elevated base that provides a strategic height advantage. Elevated platforms give your snipers and ranged attackers a clear line of sight while making it harder for enemies to reach your base.

5. The Resource Bunker:

This design focuses on protecting your resources. Create a central storage area surrounded by multiple layers of walls and traps to safeguard your valuable supplies.

6. The Watchtower Haven:

Construct a series of watchtowers that provide a 360-degree view of the surroundings. This design is excellent for keeping an eye on potential threats and swiftly responding to attacks.

7. The Hidden Lair:

Camouflage your base by integrating it into the natural environment. The Hidden Lair relies on blending your base with the landscape, making it harder for enemies to locate your stronghold.

8. The Defensive Rings:

Create concentric rings of defenses around your base. Each ring should be progressively harder for attackers to breach with traps, guard towers, and other obstacles strategically placed. It is recommended you to also read 20 Winning Strategies To Dominate the Battlefield

9. The Dual Strongholds:

Build a secondary smaller base nearby to serve as a decoy. Attackers might be tempted to raid the smaller base which gives your primary base a chance to prepare and counterattack.

10. The Multi-Compartment Base:

Divide your base into multiple compartments each with its own set of defenses. In the event of an attack, you can seal off compromised sections while maintaining control of the rest.

Key Base Defense Tips:

  • Upgrade your walls and defenses regularly to keep pace with evolving threats.
  • Place traps strategically in areas where attackers are likely to pass through.
  • Combine different base designs and adapt them to your specific playstyle and needs.
  • Coordinate with your alliance to develop base designs that complement each other and provide mutual support.
  • Regularly evaluate and improve your base design based on the lessons learned from enemy attacks.

Wrapping Up

These top 10 base designs offer a range of options to create an impenetrable fortress in Last Fortress Underground. The right design for you depends on your preferences, resources, and strategies. Remember that a well-protected base is your key to surviving the apocalypse and thriving in this challenging world. So, pick your design, fortify your base, and prepare for the ultimate defense against any threat that may come your way!

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