The Best Heroes and Lineups in Last Fortress: Underground

If you’re in charge of ensuring your group’s survival and safety, you’ll need to handle their resources and defenses. You’ll also have to recruit other survivors and some extraordinary “heroes” you can find around the world. Combat is a big part of the game, so knowing which characters are great in battle is crucial. Here’s a simple guide on the best heroes and lineups to consider.

In Last Fortress: Underground, everything outside your fortress’s walls is dangerous. The world is overrun by the undead, resources are scarce, and people are turning against each other. It’s your job to help your group build a working society in this ruined world.

Resource management is essential but you can’t avoid combat. Initially, the zombie encounters are easy but stronger mutated versions will appear which makes it vital for your best fighters to stay sharp.

The Top Heroes

The combat in Last Fortress: Underground is straightforward and automated. You just need to pick the right team to send into battle, and the game decides the outcome using its own rules. You can’t interfere in the fights so your initial choice is crucial.

Because each person’s game experience can be different, here’s an overview of the best heroes to use in combat for various factions:



1. Bolton:

A tough tank that also strengthens allies’ defenses.

2. Benson:

Wields a flamethrower to deal massive damage to multiple enemies.

3. Heytech 103:

An advanced military robot armed with rockets and self-healing abilities.

4. Kobayakawa:

A combat android with miniguns hidden beneath a teenage appearance.


1. Enrique:

A powerful attacker with a passive damage boost for allies.

2. Blanche:

A fierce fighter with a sawblade and an offensive damage boost for other Vindicators.

3. Ricardo:

Chains and electrocutes foes to eliminate them all at once.

4. Quinn:

A bomb enthusiast who loves to explode enemies.


1. Harman:

Generates shields for allies, ensuring their survival.

2. Marlen:

Delivers strong single-target attacks and provides damage and HP bonuses to teammates.

3. Elaine:

Inflicts devastating debuffs on enemies which makes them weak in battle.

4. Kin Ogawa:

A skilled early-game character with powerful blade combos and slashing attacks.


1. Roland:

A formidable tank that boosts defenses and HP for nearby Watchers.

2. Laurel:

Increases the damage of Watchers, making her great for taking down high-value targets. It is recommended you to try the Last Fortress Underground MOD APK game.

3. Galande:

A skilled assassin who targets the weakest enemy in battle.

4. Penny:

A tech genius who controls multiple drones to attack and heal allies.


Acquiring heroes in Last Fortress: Underground isn’t easy, and it largely depends on luck when recruiting them through the Satellite Nexus. However, if you manage to get one of these fantastic heroes in the game, you’ve struck gold. If you have your own thoughts on the best heroes for a lineup in the game, feel free to leave a comment below!

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