Rewards of the Rings

Unlocking Rewards with “Rewards of the Rings”

Participate in the “Rewards of the Rings” event and stand a chance to win exciting surprises. This event lasts for five days and involves rolling for rewards using Diamonds. The rewards are displayed on a board in three circular loops with only the outer loop accessible at first. It’s important to note that the items on this board may be different from what you see in the game.

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To begin your treasure hunt, you’ll start from the outermost ring. After you receive the upgrade reward, you can move on to the middle or inner ring. Each slot on the board offers a reward that can be claimed only once, except for the upgrade reward which can be obtained multiple times. The event concludes once all the rewards have been claimed.


There are two variations of the board in this event:

For the newer variant, you’ll need Deep Sea Meteorites and you can obtain exclusive Gear for Dylan and Casino. Exploring the outer ring costs 5 Meteorites, the middle ring costs 10 and the inner ring costs 20. The number of tiles to explore remains the same. To explore the entire board, it would cost 300 Deep Sea Meteorites for Dylan and 236 for Casino.

In the older variant, Diamonds were used. Exploring the outer ring costs 1200 Diamonds per tile with 20 outer tiles and one allowing you to enter the middle ring. The middle ring exploration costs 2400 Diamonds with 12 tiles one of which grants access to the inner ring. The inner ring has four tiles and costs 6000 Diamonds to explore. In total, clearing the entire board would require 76800 Diamonds.

Outer Ring

Number of Tiles Reward
4 2000 Z coins
3 96 Tin
2 4,800 Memento Coins
2 21H Exploration Memento Coins
2 53 Wrenches
2 3x Rare Solari Hero ID Card
1 3x Rare Minutemen Hero ID Card
1 3x Rare Vindicators Hero ID Card
1 3x Rare Wildling Hero ID Card
1 3x Rare Watcher Hero ID Card
1 Middle Ring Unlock

Middle Ring

Number of Tiles Reward
4 2 Electric Superchargers
2 3 Faction Recruitment Cards
2 13 Elite Hero Medals
1 47h Exploration Memento Coins
1 13000 Memento Coins
1 Clean Energy
1 Inner Ring Unlock


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