Lucky Slot

Lucky Slot: Spin the Wheel of Fortune

In this event, you can try your luck by spinning a slot machine using special coins. You can complete daily missions to get these coins which will give you 100 coins every day. Alternatively, you can also buy these coins using real money.

Rewards It’s important to know that getting big rewards in this slot machine is quite rare. Even if you decide to spend real money, the odds aren’t in your favor because you have to use the same coins for spinning the slot as for claiming the rewards.

Redeem Center rewards
Tokens Reward Remaining
100 100 Memento Coins 500
250 100 CHRP 50
150 1 Elite Hero Medal 50
500 1 Faction Recruitment Card 20
750 1 Electric Supercharger 10
15000 1 Gear Modifier 2
15000 Selectable Elite Hero Card 1
22500 You have the chance to win various Fortress Skins, like Easter Egg Bunny, Fire Scorpion, Balloon House, Christmas Surprise, and Jack-o’-lantern. 1
75000 You can also get other Fortress Skins, such as Vicious Easter Egg Bunny, Desert Scorpion, Water Park, Pearly Christmas, Spooky Pumpkin, and Rainbow Balloon House. So, give it a spin and see what cool skins you might get! 1


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