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How to Tackle Zombies with Undead Encounters

Welcome, survivors! In a world overrun by the undead, finding refuge in the last fortress underground is a beacon of hope. However, it’s crucial to be prepared for the inevitable zombie encounters that may arise. In this guide, we’ll break down some simple yet effective strategies to tackle zombies and ensure the safety of your underground haven.

15 Important Tricks to Tackle Zombies in Last Fortress Underground

1. Be Quiet:

Zombies are attracted to noise so keeping things as quiet as possible is your first line of defense. When moving through the fortress or engaging in activities, opt for whispers over shouts and avoid unnecessary loud activities. The quieter you are, the less likely you are to draw unwanted attention.

2. Lights Out, Stealth On:

Zombies may not be the brightest bunch, but they’re certainly attracted to light. Whenever possible, use low-light sources or even night vision to navigate through the fortress. If you must use light, keep it to a minimum and be strategic about where and when you use it.

3. Barricade Basics:

Fortify your fortress by barricading entry points and creating safe zones. Use heavy, durable materials to block paths and reinforce doors. This not only helps in keeping zombies out but also buys you valuable time to react if they breach your defenses.

4. Weapon Mastery:

It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the weapons available in your underground fortress. Whether it’s firearms, melee weapons, or makeshift tools, understanding how to use them efficiently can be the difference between life and death. Regular training drills can hone your skills and keep you prepared for any surprises.

5. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:

You’re not alone in this struggle. Forge alliances with fellow survivors and establish a system of communication and support. Working together not only increases your chances of survival but also enhances the overall security of your underground refuge.

6. Emergency Escape Routes:

Always have a plan for the worst-case scenario. Identify multiple escape routes in case a section of the fortress is compromised. Practice evacuation drills with your group to ensure everyone knows where to go and what to do in the event of an emergency.

7. Supply Stockpiling:

A well-stocked fortress is a resilient fortress. Regularly check and replenish your supplies, including food, water, medical supplies, and ammunition. Be mindful of expiration dates and rotate stock to ensure everything remains in optimal condition.

8. Camouflage and Scent Control:

Zombies rely on their senses, so use that to your advantage. Consider using natural materials to blend into your surroundings and minimize your visibility. Additionally, be conscious of scents that may attract zombies. Avoid strong-smelling foods and perfumes, and consider using natural odor-masking techniques like mud or foliage. You can also read Finding Fun: Staying Entertained in Your Last Fortress Underground.

9. Distraction Tactics:

Create diversionary tactics to draw zombies away from critical areas. Noisemakers, like alarms or even simple thrown objects, can redirect their attention and buy you time to regroup or escape. Just be sure the distraction doesn’t inadvertently lead them back to you or your group.

10. Trap Construction:

Set up simple traps around your fortress to slow down or incapacitate zombies. Pitfalls, snares, or even rudimentary tripwires can be effective in hindering their progress. Just remember to mark these traps for your group to avoid accidental activation.

11. Medical Know-How:

In a world where medical help might be scarce, having basic first aid skills is invaluable. Learn how to treat wounds, administer CPR, and handle common illnesses. A healthy survivor is a resourceful survivor.

12. Fire Safety:

Fire is a potent tool against the undead. Not only does it incapacitate them, but it also acts as a deterrent. Keep flammable materials on hand for emergency situations, and learn how to start and control fires safely within your fortress.

13. Night Watch Rotation:

Zombies are often more active at night, so establish a night watch rotation within your survivor group. Having vigilant individuals on guard during the night hours can prevent surprise attacks and provide early warnings of impending threats.

14. Communication Codes:

Develop a system of communication codes to relay information quickly and discreetly. This can include hand signals, whistle patterns, or even simple coded language. Having a silent means of communication is vital when silence is of the essence.

15. Adaptive Sheltering:

Be prepared to adapt your shelter to changing circumstances. If one area becomes compromised, having a backup location or a plan for reinforcing weak points in your fortress can be crucial for long-term survival.


In the face of the undead, survival is not guaranteed, but with careful planning and a proactive mindset, you can significantly improve your odds. Remember, your last fortress underground is your sanctuary, and by implementing these simple yet effective strategies, you can create a stronghold that stands strong against the relentless tide of the undead. Stay vigilant, stay quiet, and most importantly, stay alive.

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